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The Silver Lining

Blue skies. Puffy white clouds. A cooling breeze. These are things we normally associate with a pleasant day. But what can be taken from dark, cloudy skies? Much the same as the former. If taken with the right perspective, clouds mask a hidden reality that many often ignore—relief up ahead. Puffy clouds can often mean auspicious rain is in the area. Or maybe that the sun is peeking through and will shortly make its debut. And encircling the clouds? A silver lining.

I am amazed by the sheer beauty of this sight, because really, it is truly astonishing. So common, so mundane, yet breathtaking. Taken in real terms, there is always a silver lining. Whether in life or in the sky, it is never missing. And whether we accept it or not, whether we search for it or not, the indubitable truth is clouds eventually make way for sunlight. In the same way, the ominous makes way for the promising, and the gloomy for the lively. It is what is made of every situation that counts the most. Silver linings remind that brighter days are ahead. Or that darkness won’t last long.

So this week, look up to the sky. Feel the calming breeze. Search for the silver lining. I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

– Curious By Nature

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