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Pitch Perfect

With the FIFA World Cup in Brazil nearing its completion, the beautiful game has once again riveted the world over. Not unlike past generations, this year’s audience gathered together nightly to witness both the scene on the field as well as off it. So what is it that makes soccer (read: football) so captivating?

I won’t venture to answer that question, because I realize it evokes a different narrative in every setting across the world. It’s not only a pastime, it’s a culture for many. Everyone finds a different charm in it, and nothing exemplifies this more than perhaps the variety of soccer fields (also known as “pitches” by some) around the world.

This gallery on the world’s most extraordinary soccer fields shows in a decidedly simple fashion the spectrum of dedication by average citizens to partake in play. Desert sands, towering heights, and even waterscapes are no matter compared to the love for the game. Above, a view of the world’s largest floating soccer stadium in Singapore. Talk about dedication.

This year’s tournament is almost over, but without question the enthusiasm of its followers will carry on long after that final whistle.


[Photo by Paul Briden/Alamy]

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