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Quick Thought: Embracing Idiosyncrasies

*~* This post is the first in what will be a series called “Quick Thought”. These will be mainly stream of consciousness posts, with minimal drafting pre-publishing. Hope you enjoy!

Every person’s unique, that’s indisputable. But many times we’re predisposed to preferring a spirit of sameness with others, even when that sameness is not truly us. In all people and places I have seen, I have always found an inherent beauty in the personalities of each individual. And truly, there is something to be learned from every person. Every person’s individual fabric has something to impart to the rest of us; it could be their honesty, their sincerity, their sense of giving, or whatever else. It could even be their simplicity, which is something that has appealed to me many a time. But whatever the point of attraction, it is incredible that so much can be derived from each individual’s stories, histories and experiences. All that’s required is a few minutes worth of careful observation.

And that brings us to our own selves — our idiosyncrasies are what make us who we are. The beauty of humanity lies in our individual identities, bringing them together and combining for a extraordinary effect.

Stay inspired,

Curious by Nature

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5 thoughts on “Quick Thought: Embracing Idiosyncrasies

  1. Oh I like the metaphor, Its perfect! There are many sides to a personality and as they say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” So its a lot about perspective.

  2. The Kaleidoscope is like a metaphor: every time you look into a kaleidoscope, you see a different image. In the same way, every time you spend time with someone, you learn something new and see them in a new light! Food for thought 😉

  3. Great Post! So true! We learn so much from our differences, it is amazing!

    No matter how engrossed we get in our devices you can’t replace getting to know people!

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