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Get Inspired: Water Parkitecture

*~* This post is the second in a series on quick inspiration tidbits from around the world. The unofficial pilot post in the series can be found here. *~*

Architects around the world have been experimenting with a new kind of design to maximize land and water space in urban areas. And the result is astonishing. “Water Parkitecture”, as it is called, is a method to utilize land and sea for park space. Cities such as Copenhagen and Melbourne have already opened city-extentions, the latter complete with a heated saltwater pool with “surfable” waves, a beach, boardwalk and retail area (seen above). New York and Manhattan’s Hudson are all set to have their own versions soon. Below, a view of the floating pool proposed for the Hudson River.

New York Hudson River’s proposed water city-extension, also known as a floating pool. Image courtesy +Pool (via Architizer)


The forerunner in all of this? Beijing’s Happy Magic Water Cube, first constructed for 2008 Summer Olympics, is seen as one of the first in land-meets-water design.

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Source: Architizer

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