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Around the World: The Glass Bridge

This is interesting. Ever wanted to walk across a 430-meter long, 300-meter high bridge? Ever wanted to walk across a glass bridge? Since I knew you’d say yes, here’s this to plan your next trip: China just inaugurated the longest and highest glass bridge in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province.

But lest you’re afraid of heights, have no fear. The glass has been paved 99 panes of three-layered transparent glass. Extra protection, you see.

And authorities have taken extra steps to reassure visitors that the bridge is safe, slashing the glass with sledgehammers (which cracks, but doesn’t completely break the glass. Go figure) and sending a car full of passengers across the structure.

The innovation and sheer courage in designing, constructing and maintaining such a structure is definitely admirable, nonetheless. While I would not dare even step near this architectural feat, there are many who have visited, with yoga displays and even weddings taking place on the unique bridge.

Take a look here at 17 other projects around the world where glass floors are a cornerstone.

To each their own, it seems.

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Sources: BBC, Architizer

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