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Repost: Roads in Australia Feature Trivia Signs to Keep Drivers Awake

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“Education is the most powerful weapon…”

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“…you can use to change the world.”

Little by little, person by person, day by day, education makes a difference. It is a rare yet beautiful sight to see tangible change in our world, but upon seeing and experiencing it, it is truly unforgettable. Whether in the classroom or in the “real-world”, anyone can use a little education. But it is through learning, reflecting, and implementing that any one person can begin to embody the change or improvement that either that person or another has pinpointed as overdue.

As an educator myself, I have seen this tangible change in my students, but it is not unique to the educator-learner paradigm. It can in fact be witnessed by all people, in all places, in all times. And it is a hallmark of the human spirit — that we reflect, learn, change and adapt as a species, no matter the circumstances or hurdles.

The magnificent Nelson Mandela once said such powerful words about education. And if we were to all adopt this in practicality, what a world of a difference we could possibly make!

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Picture of the Day: Elephant Family

Photograph by Khunkay A family of wild elephants are seen walking down a road inside Khao Yai National Park in Thailand. The park is the third largest in Thailand and covers an area of 300 square kilometers. In 1984 the park was made an ASEAN Heritage Park, and on July 14, 2005 the park,…

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Get Inspired: “Starry Night” on Water

Watch Turkish artist Garip Ay paint Van Gogh’s Starry Night on water. The technique Ay is using is known as Ebru or Paper marbling. It is a method of aqueous surface design which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other kinds of stone. The patterns are the result of color floated on…

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Picture of the Day: Jupiterrise — TwistedSifter

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Mai [Oct. 20, 2016, Sarah Loft] This image of the sunlit part of Jupiter and its swirling atmosphere was created by a citizen scientist (Alex Mai) using data from Juno’s JunoCam instrument. JunoCam’s raw images are available at for the public to peruse and process into image products. JPL manages the…

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Quick Thought: Enlightenment

This post follows on a previous “They Said it Better” post. Read it here.

Enlightenment is a strange thing. Most people would say it’s an abstract concept, only achieved by a lucky few. But what is possible for some, is possible for others and perhaps all people. I love the quote by Lao Tzu because it puts life in a new perspective. The mere fact that the universe can be more tempered, more balanced because of our inner selves is awe-inspiring. But why is “enlightenment” so distant from ourselves then?

Perhaps there’s a disconnect. A disconnect from what we have and what we want from ourselves and the universe around us. If we can pinpoint our true desires, and put aside the “fluff” of unrealistic aspirations stemming from societal pressure, perhaps enlightenment may not be so far-fetched after all.

Reminds me a bit of this thought I had some time ago.

Live on, everyone. Live like there’s no other you in the world.

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