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Picture of the Day: Elephant Family

Photograph by Khunkay A family of wild elephants are seen walking down a road inside Khao Yai National Park in Thailand. The park is the third largest in Thailand and covers an area of 300 square kilometers. In 1984 the park was made an ASEAN Heritage Park, and on July 14, 2005 the park,…

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Get Inspired: “Starry Night” on Water

Watch Turkish artist Garip Ay paint Van Gogh’s Starry Night on water. The technique Ay is using is known as Ebru or Paper marbling. It is a method of aqueous surface design which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other kinds of stone. The patterns are the result of color floated on…

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Picture of the Day: Jupiterrise — TwistedSifter

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Mai [Oct. 20, 2016, Sarah Loft] This image of the sunlit part of Jupiter and its swirling atmosphere was created by a citizen scientist (Alex Mai) using data from Juno’s JunoCam instrument. JunoCam’s raw images are available at for the public to peruse and process into image products. JPL manages the…

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Quick Thought: Enlightenment

This post follows on a previous “They Said it Better” post. Read it here.

Enlightenment is a strange thing. Most people would say it’s an abstract concept, only achieved by a lucky few. But what is possible for some, is possible for others and perhaps all people. I love the quote by Lao Tzu because it puts life in a new perspective. The mere fact that the universe can be more tempered, more balanced because of our inner selves is awe-inspiring. But why is “enlightenment” so distant from ourselves then?

Perhaps there’s a disconnect. A disconnect from what we have and what we want from ourselves and the universe around us. If we can pinpoint our true desires, and put aside the “fluff” of unrealistic aspirations stemming from societal pressure, perhaps enlightenment may not be so far-fetched after all.

Reminds me a bit of this thought I had some time ago.

Live on, everyone. Live like there’s no other you in the world.

Stay inspired,

Curious by Nature

The Clock Strikes Back


The clock hung on the wall, peering back at me from its place between two corners. With no effort of my own, the clock continues its quest from top to bottom, bottom to top, around its daily course from start to finish. No matter how much I try to turn it back or cease its continuation, no matter how much I detest its progression, it continues. It goes on.

How lucky is the clock. Or more generally, how lucky is time. It can continue without any external pressure or influence to change or cease its course. If only we were so individually-minded, and directionally-focused.

Alas, the clock. Though I may resist, much is to admired about the timepiece on the wall.

Stay inspired,
Curious by Nature

Quick Thought: Expanding Reality

**It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but here is the first in this series called “Quick Thought”. For more on the inspiration for this particular post, click here.

When I was a child, my thoughts and concepts about life and living were broad and endless. I was idealistic, and often looked to fantasy as a foundation to my ideas. What I could do, what the world was capable, what people were like, that whole shebang. However, age changes our perceptions. And I, like many people, began to ground my thoughts in reality.

But is this always necessary? Must we always be realistic? Or can idealism reign in age of cynicism and widespread mistrust of others (and even ourselves)? When we say we need to widen our vision, we need to widen our understanding of what we should be, in addition to what we are.

Each individual is capable of much, much more than we give ourselves credit for. We need only to have a greater resolve, and a firm concept that we can do more. And on another note, just letting go of our own preconceptions and others’ expectations, and instead doing what makes us feel like individual contributors to greater society. In other words, what makes us feel good. Let go of expectations, focus on ideas. Passion is an incredible force, without which many times we become hindered and disillusioned. Reinvigorate passion and interest, and without a doubt a wider vision and expanded horizons will follow.

I’ve tried to embrace my newfound reality-oriented approach, but not the expense of my childhood idealism. How is “realistic idealism” as a mindset?

I think it’s splendid.

Stay inspired,

“Curious by Nature”

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