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Amazing Hand Cut Paper Animals by Pippa Dyrlaga — TwistedSifter

Based in Yorkshire, England, Pippa Dyrlaga is an amazing artist that uses traditional papercutting techniques to create contemporary artworks. Most of her works are cut from a single piece of paper and are first drawn out by hand on the reverse side of the paper and then hand cut using a scalpel. Pippa began…

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Green Rising: Kiwi Upgraded to Vulnerable!

A northern brown kiwi in New Zealand
The kiwi, New Zealand’s flightless bird, has gotten a bit of a takeoff due to recent community efforts to upgrade the species’ status to vulnerable. Photo by Neil Robert Hutton (AP) via the Guardian.

A rare item of good news crossed my readings today, and I had to share. The kiwi, New Zealand’s flightless bird which was featured in OrdPhenom’s post on the extinct elephant bird, has been upgraded from endangered to vulnerable. A reminder of the spectrum of conservation status for species around the world can be found below.

Conservation status for species worldwide. Data classification by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Conservation efforts and community campaigns can and do work. It is a matter of a group working together jointly on making an impact, and forging a commitment to stay the course. More than 40 species of New Zealand birds have already gone extinct, but efforts to control predators of two species of the kiwi in particular (the Okarito kiwi and the northern brown kiwi) have shown to be successful.

Read this fascinating article by the Guardian on the impact on wildlife and agriculture around the world, and more on the “red list” of impacted species.

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Source: The Guardian

Quick Thought: A Stroll Through the Park

A casual stroll through local marketplaces, a drive on streets of seemingly endless traffic, a glance at the wondrous views of a cityscape, the rush of a community future-bound. It is dazzling to watch and witness life as it passes, especially in a place you find familiar. It is far more captivating to realize that in these casual musings rests a deeply-rooted reality of our own existence. Though exterior happenings may seem disconnected from our internal reality, upon closer consideration everything in the world is relative and perpetually connected.

I encourage you to take a closer look at the world around you. Even if it seems everything will always remain the way it is now, (as someone wise once told me) life is slowly but surely moving toward the future. In other words, life never stays the same and everything undergoes change.

Take a deep breath. Live the moment. Like a stroll through the park — enjoy your present. In the truest and fullest sense.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon…”

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“…you can use to change the world.”

Little by little, person by person, day by day, education makes a difference. It is a rare yet beautiful sight to see tangible change in our world, but upon seeing and experiencing it, it is truly unforgettable. Whether in the classroom or in the “real-world”, anyone can use a little education. But it is through learning, reflecting, and implementing that any one person can begin to embody the change or improvement that either that person or another has pinpointed as overdue.

As an educator myself, I have seen this tangible change in my students, but it is not unique to the educator-learner paradigm. It can in fact be witnessed by all people, in all places, in all times. And it is a hallmark of the human spirit — that we reflect, learn, change and adapt as a species, no matter the circumstances or hurdles.

The magnificent Nelson Mandela once said such powerful words about education. And if we were to all adopt this in practicality, what a world of a difference we could possibly make!

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